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« We don’t always get to choose the paths we take
But we do get to decide on the choices we make. »
R.l. McKenzie

Rebecca McKenzie was born in London in 1980. She was keen on English and Drama and studied psychology, and works as a cognitive behavioural therapist. The first idea for her book The tears of Wednesday came from the superstitions and meanings based on the days’ people are born. She wanted to amalgamate and capture improvisation written in a way that empathises the mental states of a character’s inner person, exploring the spiritual, mental and emotional lives of each character throughout. Rebecca comes from a family background of great sportsmen and is passionate about boxing and literacy.

The Tears of Wednesday

When a bad dream comes true, how seriously would you take the next one?

Thirty-nine-year-old Ruby Anderson is convinced she is facing death when unsettling, recurring dreams and blurred visions start to haunt her sleep. But why are these dreams always on a Wednesday?

As Ruby searches for the truth and clues, questioning the choices she is making before she reaches the big four zero, Ruby soon comes to the realisation that who you can love the most is also who can hurt you the most, but precisely to what extent? Ruby embarks on a journey so gripping, so moving, you will be hooked.

A riveting tale of love, shock, and horror tells a story of a mother and her four daughters, all exploring the compelling emotions of life, love, and family.

With the book’s clever twists and crafty turns, this female lead of characters will influence you in feeling connected to each personality type.
Born on a Wednesday, surely it is an old wives’ tale that Ruby is full of woe? Or is she not the only one?


ISBN: 978-1-80074-576-6

Published: 23/02/2023

Pages: 328

Size: 205×140

Imprint: Olympia Publishers

If you love a bit of mystery, then your love this one.




Copyright © Rebecca Louise McKenzie 2023

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Book Launch

Book launch sat 8th April 7-12 pm 2023

History of Fairfield halls

It feels sentimental to host my book launch at the Fairfield halls Croydon.

Being a local Croydon resident who once performed as a child in the production of Hands Christian Anderson’s “Snow Queen”.

As well, my father fought in an explosive boxing match at the Fairfield halls with Chris Blake in my childhood years, so having my book launch at this establishment feels really special to me.

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